Pittsburgh Steelers Le’Veon Bell Reportedly Facing A Four Game Suspension

It’s been a bad day for running backs and early bird fantasy drafters; two of the big name running backs seem to be in some hot water.

Le’Veon Bell 

Le’Veon Bell could be missing a four game suspension due to violating the leagues substance abuse policy. There were rumblings of a possible suspension on the horizon earlier in preseason, but despite Bell’s assertion that he hadn’t missed or failed any drug tests, his suspension is now one step closer to being official. Ian Rapoport of NFL.com reported “For the past several weeks, the Steelers had known [Bell] wouldn’t be on the field when the season began”.  According to Dan Graziano (ESPN) the violation resulted from a missed drug test, not a failed one which may help Bell’s appeal case. However, it’s uphill climb. Just last April Bell received a three game ban for violating the substance abuse police after an arrest for a DUI and marijuana possession. Bell, for what it’s worth, accepted his punishment easily and seemed contrite at the time. His suspension was later reduced to two games. With this being his second brush with the drug policy it’s unlikely he’ll see a reduction in his suspension. More worrisome for Bell owners, if this is indeed his second strike, his third could see him sidelined for an entire season.

The Pittsburgh Steelers have consistently fielded one of the most impressive  and efficient offenses in the league, and the show isn’t going to stop with Bell sidelined. DeAngelo Williams is next in line for Steelers. Williams made the most of his time as starter last season, rushing for 907 yards and 11 touchdowns in Bell’s absence, so all is not lost for the Steelers rushing game. Williams, who was already an attractive handcuff for Bell will be seeing a huge spike in ADP if Bell’s suspension is confirmed.  Williams ADP is currently in the seventh round. It could easily go as high as the third or fourth round in some leagues. In this case the more expensive tag is warranted. Williams is not a must-have handcuff worth overpaying for.

When on the field Bell is an absolute fantasy monster. In 2014 he finished with 1,361 yards, eight touchdowns, and a 4.7 YPC average. In 2015 he managed 556 yards, three touchdowns, and a 4.9 YPC average even though he only played 6 games due to injury and suspension. He’s also a passing threat, just last season he caught 24 passes for 136 yards, and he added 854 passing yards on 83 receptions, and three touchdowns to his already ridiculous numbers in 2014.

Let’s hope for his sake and the sake of his fantasy owners Bell gets his act together.


2016 Fantasy Football: Jimmy Graham Profile

Your Fantasy Football Coach

It seems like only yesterday Jimmy Graham was the face of Fantasy Football.

But his trade to the Seattle Seahawks, and subsequent fall from grace that was his 2015 season, has all but stopped talk about the dominant Fantasy performances he was once known for. 

But is Graham poised for a comeback this season? Have the Seahawks graduated from a run-first offense to something a little more balanced? With rankings being released left and right, here’s my take on Graham…

Jimmy Graham Stats

Graham is entering his seventh NFL season. The 6-foot-7,  265-pound tight end had made a name for himself as a premium end-zone target during his time with the New Orleans Saints.

In his career with the Saints, the 29-year old tight end averaged 11.5 touchdown receptions per season (barring his rookie season). However, his trade to The Seahawks seemed to greatly reduce some of his shine.


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2016 Fantasy Football: A Review of 5 Quarterback ADP Values

Your Fantasy Football Coach

At the start of any Fantasy Football season, running back and wide receiver values tend to fluctuate. That’s because we get more reports as the summer progresses on who could be in for a big season, who is disappointing, and who the Fantasy Football community should start adding to their sleeper lists.

But in terms of quarterback, ADP data in May or June tends to roughly be the same in August and September. With quarterbacks, we are all pretty set in our opinions of who is a stud and who is a dud.

The only thing that would really change a quarterback’s ADP is an injury or suspension.

So today, the staff of Your Fantasy Football Coach wanted to take a look at the ADP of five different quarterbacks for the 2016 Fantasy Football Season.

All of the ADP data we use is courtesy of FantasyFootballCalculator.com.

Cam Newton ADP: 3.08 

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Tom Brady’s Four Game Suspension Stands

In breaking news The Federal Appeals Court has officially denied Tom Brady’s attempt at a new hearing on his “Deflategate” suspension. What began as an accusation of cheating has turned into national news with Brady refusing to go quietly into the night, or in this case his suspension. His continued fight seems to not be focused so much on his innocence, rather the far reaching power of the NFL, specifically Rodger Goodell. Today The Court sided with NFL Commissioner Rodger Goodell, stating that Goodell was within his rights to suspend the New England Patriots QB for his involvement in the tampering of game balls during a 2015 playoff game. The Patriots went on to win the game and advance in the playoffs.

Brady will miss the first four games of the season. Games that include two key conference games against the Miami Dolphins and the Buffalo Bills. Last season, The Patriots edged out the Jets by two games to lead the AFC EAST, so if Brady’s absence proves to be too much for The Patriots and back up Jimmy Garoppolo to overcome, the loses could finally dethrone the reigning AFC Champs.

Brady’s last hope is to appeal to the Supreme Court, though after this defeat, a reversal seems extremely unlikely.



Julian Edelman To Host A Football Clinic For Women

Julian Edelman is the latest face of the campaign to get more women involved in sports. He (along with Rob Gronkowski) will be hosting a football clinic for women at Gillette Stadium in October. The clinic will offer insight on football basics in addition to delving into more specialized football skills. A touch football game, question and answer sesh, and photo op will follow.

It seems like these “football clinics” geared toward women are popping up more and more frequently. I personally think it’s great, but you either love the idea or you hate it.

Take The Buc’s Red Campaign from last season: Women and Sports: An Opinion on the new RED Movement.  So much hate, so much praise (but mainly hate). Women were on the fence as to whether these femme marketed camps were degrading or inclusive. It seems the league is doing it’s best to welcome women into their football fan club, but the problem is for some they’re still kinda coming off as that sleazy guy in a pub in a, “Here darlin’ let me show you how to hold the pool stick” kind of way.

I think I’ve made my opinion pretty well known on the subject. The simple fact that these events are being hosted (and quickly selling out) is a sign that the NFL is embracing it’s female sports fans (finally). True they are throwing in cocktails and some of the finer players as incentive, but I would gladly take my football knowledge with a side of Edelman and wine. Now if we could just get some well made women’s jerseys we would on top of the world! Seriously someone should look into that.

Women are a growing voice in the sports world and our contributions are invaluable. The only way we are going to be taken more seriously is to support one another both as women and as fans, and not be intimidated if we are treated a little differently. We have to be the change we want to see in the (sports) world. We are one, we are many, we are lovers of all things football.






Arian Foster Injury Update: Possible Landing Spots

Arian Foster seems to finally be recovered from an Achilles tear he suffered in late October.

According to sources he is “hungry” to regain his 2012 form, and in spite of his injury troubles there are multiple teams interested in his services.

His most recent work out was with the Miami Dolphins in March. According to Dolphins executive VP Mike Tannenbaum, Foster’s visit “went well”, but that he was “still a little bit away” from being physically able to play.

But that was over a month ago, and Foster believes he will be in fighting form in time for training camp.

So which teams are the most likely to be interested in Foster’s particular set of skills

The Most Likely:

The Miami Dolphins

The Dolphins are a running back down after losing Lamar Miller to the Houston Texans. Miami attempted to shore up the ship by drafting Alabama running back Kenyan Drake. As the third running back off the board, Drake was a pricey investment, but it’s a big risk to rest the fate of your running game on a rookie. 2015 back up Jay Ajayi played only nine games and rushed for a total of 187 yards and one touchdowns. Having a veteran back at the helm would be a boon for The Dolphins running game.

The fact that he’s already had a work out for the team is a good sign.

The San Francisco 49ers

Lead back Carlos Hyde easily lead the team in touches with 115 attempts and yet only played seven games in the season. While he looked good in the games he played in, there are still questions about him being able to shoulder the load of an everydown back. He also only caught 11 passes in those seven games. His back up Shaun Draughn fared a little better in the passing game catching 25 passes over the season, but only finished with 263 rushing yards and 1 touchdown. Foster when healthy is not only a great runner but also a competent pass catching back and a touchdown monster. The 49ers could do a lot worse for a dual threat back.

The Washington Redskins

The Redskins are another team going into the 2016 season short an RB. Last season starter Alfred Morris is now a Dallas Cowboy and the load is currently on the shoulders of Matt Jones. Morris and Jones were both saw some measure of success on the field, but Alfred received the bulk of the carries. Jones may be effective as a committee back but there’s no proof that he has what it takes to be a feature back. Foster’s experience and talent would be a big boost to a team that seems to finally be finding it’s offensive groove again.

Honorable Mentions

Detroit Lions- No feature back emerged for the Lions last season. Ameer Abdullah came the closest and finished with 597 rushing yards. Matthew Stafford had 159.

San Diego Chargers- Danny Woodhead is great at what he does, Melvin Gordon is not.


I don’t know why but my gut is saying Lions. I don’t think they are the best fit for Foster, but I think they may be the best place for him to land. He would have serviceable back ups, a veteran quarterback, and an offense in need of a spark.

But don’t expect any big moves until closer to the start of the season as Foster’s injury concerns are still not put to bed, no matter how optimistic he seems. Foster has only played two full seasons since 2009, but I’ll say this for the guy, when he’s at full throttle he’s a heck of a running back.


Fantasy Football Keepers: Finding Value Pt 2

Before I get to the table/spreadsheet and what it all means. I want to give you a little background on this “project”.

The purpose of this “project” was to use last season’s ADP comparative to the season’s ADP to find likely keepers. I used my handy-dandy site  www.fantasyfootballcalculator.com to compare 2015 info to 2016 info and I was jotting down notes on my notepad. This player improved this many rounds, this player decreased this many rounds, etc. etc. etc.

Then my husband got involved.

My husband, God bless his soul, is an extremely intelligent man and oh-so helpful. He suggested I move all of the info to a google spreadsheet, and come up with a more precise comparison. Plus it would surely look more professional than all this chicken scratch I was currently working with. Okay, that doesn’t seem too bad.

Until I realized I had somehow copied and pasted wrong. Alright let’s delete all that info, and start over.

Then I had to go through and take out all the players from 2015 that were not being drafted, and all of the rookies being drafted in this seasons draft. Now my cells didn’t line up so that’s going to throw off my equation. I need to go through and tidy this up. By tidying, now my color coded lines don’t match up to player positions like they should, so I fix that.

Finally I have my values. I format the table to highlight the players who have had the most drastic increase in average draft position, but that’s just not enough. After tinkering I go a step further and feature all the players who not only increased their draft value but also offered you, the dedicated fantasy player, the most bang for your buck. How did I do this? By dividing their draft position increase by their current average draft round giving you their ultimate Fantasy Keeper Value.

2(+) hours later*, I am so glad that I took the easy way out. Thank you husband.

I sincerely hope that someone, somewhere out there finds this chart useful. Without further ado:

2016 ADP Player Position ADP Increase FKV
3 Todd Gurley RB 53 17.67
7 David Johnson RB 119 17.00
16 Jordy Nelson WR 204 12.75
22 Thomas Rawls RB 198 9.00
30 Kelvin Benjamin WR 190 6.33
17 Devonta Freeman RB 87 5.12
1 Antonio Brown WR 5 5.00
39 Jeremy Langford RB 181 4.64
40 Jordan Reed TE 180 4.50
47 Doug Baldwin WR 173 3.68
48 Dion Lewis RB 172 3.58
15 Allen Robinson WR 51 3.40
54 Jay Ajayi RB 166 3.07
8 DeAndre Hopkins WR 24 3.00
32 Cam Newton QB 88 2.75
4 Odell Beckham Jr WR 11 2.75
56 Allen Hurns WR 128 2.29
46 Matt Jones RB 93 2.02

These are your top 18 keeper prospects based on trending ADP numbers. Of course, this is based on their Average Draft Position and not their Actual Draft Position. So if  you took Antonio brown 1st overall he’s not going to have the same FKV (fantasy keeper value-another suggestion by my husband) as the chart suggests. But, it does give you a good idea of trending players, and a good smattering of fantasy prospects that I would suggest you at least consider keeping.

Some of my personal favorites are David Johnson, Dion Lewis, and Allen Hurns.

I hope this chart changes your life, as much as it changed mine.



*In my husbands defense, he is far better with mathematical analysis and chart building than I am. He expected this “project” to take me thirty minutes. He was wrong.