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This will be a quick overview of the positions you will encounter in your quest for Fantasy Football glory, along with how they are able to score you points (In most standard leagues). In the next post I will detail the importance of each position when drafting, and a more in depth description on scoring. So let’s get right to it!

QUARTERBACK: The quarterback lines up behind center. He is responsible for making the play calls for his respective team, and setting the play in motion. He can do this in one of two ways, either by making a pass (throwing to another player) or a handoff (simply handing the ball to another player). Quarterbacks, typically, are the highest scoring position in Fantasy Football. A Quarterback can score points by completing passes, rushing the ball, and being involved in touchdowns whether by the receiver scoring a touchdown, or them rushing into the end zone for a touchdown.

RUNNING BACK: You might have guessed it but running backs are the primary players to run the ball. They will ordinarily receive a handoff from the quarterback to start their run. However, running backs are also eligible receivers. This is important in PPR leagues. (More about that later) Running backs are highly sought after due to the fact that most teams have one stud running back that will receive most of the workload. Great running backs are Fantasy Football gold. Running backs score points by running the ball, and scoring touchdowns.

WIDE RECEIVER: Wide receivers are the players that catch the passes from the quarterback. Wide receivers typically don’t receive handoffs from the quarterback, but they sometimes can take possession by a shovel pass, or lateral pass, among others. (More on different types of passes later) Wide receivers typically are they players making the flashy plays and amazing catches. There is frequently a lot of depth at this position in Fantasy Football. Wide receivers score points by the making a reception, and the yards they rush after the catch, along with points for scoring touchdowns.

TIGHT END: A tight end is a dual threat since they often catch passes, and run. Tight ends also are regularly responsible for blocking on offense. Because of the positions lack of specialization, tight ends are often not the primary targets for teams, and this translates into how valuable they are in Fantasy Football. Tight ends score points by catching the ball, and the yards gained after the catch, rushing yards, and scoring touchdowns.

KICKER: I think this one is self explanatory. I personally will always recommend you draft a kicker in the next to last, or last round, ALWAYS. A kicker can score fantasy points by making field goals, and kicking extra points after touchdowns.

DEFENSE: Defenses try to stop the offense from scoring and advancing the ball. Defense is one of the last positions you will need to draft. I always recommend drafting a defense in the last two rounds.  A defense can score by restricting scoring, interceptions, sacks, recovering fumbles, and scoring touchdowns after a defensive recovery.

Some leagues have spots for defensive players as well, but for this blog we are going to focus on standard leagues. This is a very simple break down and as we continue we will get more and more involved.



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