Players, Players everywhere, and not a one to draft…..

  It’s draft day! You are prepared. You are ready. You have done your research. You have your cheat sheets in hand. You are going to rock this draft! UNTIL EVERYONE STARTS TAKING EVERY PLAYER THAT YOU WANT, RIGHT BEFORE YOU DRAFT THEM. I have been there, done that. (It happens to the best of us) So I have compiled a list of some later round draft picks that I think have value to replace some of those near misses.

Running Backs:      Frank Gore (Round 4/5)

                               Trent Richardson (Round 5/6)

                               Ray Rice (Round 6)

                               Chris Johnson (Round 6/7)

                               Shane Vereen (Round 7)

                               Maurice Jones Drew (Round 8)

                               Fred Jackson (Round 10)

                               Danny Woodhead (Round 10/11)

  Frank Gore, Trent Richardson, Chris Johnson and Maurice Jones Drew are all at the top of their depth charts. I think any starting running back past round 6 has inherent value. Vereen, Jackson, and Woodhead, all proven backs, are RB2’s playing behind shaky starters. When it comes to finding value with low risk, these guys are it.

Wide Receivers:    DeSean Jackson (Round 4/5)

                              Wes Welker (Round 5/6)

                              Torrey Smith (Round 6/7)

                              Emmanuel Sanders (Round 7/8)

                              Erik Decker (Round 8/9)

                              Mike Wallace (Round 9)

                              Cecil Shorts (Round 10/11)

                              Greg Jennings (Round 11/12)

   Again, almost all of the receivers are WR1’s for their respective team and at the rounds they are going have great value. Welker and Sanders are not WR1’s but will see their fair share of work. Based on preseason performance, and updates  Sanders has developed a strong rapport with QB Peyton Manning. Welkers concussion woes only add value for Sanders. However if Welker can stay healthy he still has value. Erik Decker and Mike Wallace are sneaky pick ups. These are affirmed wide receivers learning the mechanics of new teams. Either could have a break out season and are worth the gamble at their average draft position. Cecil Shorts as a starter at round 10? Sure he doesn’t have the greatest QB but who else are they going to throw it to? This list represents some safer draftees with a lot of upside.

Tight Ends:           Jordan Cameron (Round 7)

                             Greg Olsen (Round 8)

                             Kyle Rudolph (Round 10)

                             Martellus Bennett (Round 11)

                             Charles Clay (Round 12)

  Minus Jordan Cameron, who I simply like as a tight end, the other tight ends listed seemingly have a solid harmony with their QB’s, and with the lack of disparity after Jimmy Graham, Julius Thomas, and Rob Gronkowski, this is what makes them standout players. My favorite by far is Martellus Bennett. Although surround by talent on all sides, I predict he has a break out season. I am particularly impressed by his yards after the catch, and with Cutler spreading the ball around, he’s sure to have the ball in his hands. In comparison to other tight ends going around that round, drafting Bennett is the safer bet.

Quarterbacks:      Andrew Luck (Round 4)

                            Tom Brady (Round 5/6)

                            Tony Romo (Round 9)

                            Jay Cutler (Round 10)

  These are the average draft positions as reported by various sports websites. However, in mock drafts I have noticed that quarterbacks are going MUCH sooner rather than later. So don’t be afraid to reach around earlier for a quarterback you like, especially after the 4th or 5th round. If you end up with Romo or Cutler in the 9th or 10th round count your lucky stars and the points these two studs will pull in for you throughout the season.

  Remember guys; MOCK DRAFTS, MOCK DRAFTS, MOCK DRAFTS! There is no special formula that will guarantee you a fantasy football championship; No single player that will make or break your fantasy season. Want to know the secret to life, the universe, and everything? In the words of the great Matthew Berry, “at a fundamental level, fantasy football is about minimizing risk and giving yourself the best odds to win on a weekly basis. Everything leads back to that. Everything.”



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