15 of the Strangest Things That Can Legally Happen In Football

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A few weeks ago a blogger named Skip Oliva compiled a list of “Eight Crazy Constitutional Scenarios,” in which he laid out a list of several surprisingly radical things that could happen in the United States without running afoul of our founding document (at least not technically). At the time, I desperately wanted to blog about the list and maybe try to add to it, but was still on my self-imposed winter blogging break. And now that I’m back, I’m discovering that it’s much harder to come up with scenarios like these than I expected. Still, if there are two things I love in this world besides the Beatles, it’s loopholes and lists of trivia. So instead of constitutional trivia, I offer you this list of totally ridiculous things that can happen in an American football game. You know, so that you have something to keep an eye…

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