Tebow to the Eagles?


Personally I would love to see Tebow back in an NFL uniform. (and it’s not only based on how good he looks in said uniform) Tim Tebow is a highly polarizing player. Either you hate him, or you love him. Either his throwing mechanics are broken beyond repair, or his other abilities far outshine any passing problems he may have. Either way, it looks like he may have another shot at his NFL dream.

Last Monday, Tebow worked out with the Philadelphia Eagles. He left the field without a contract, however, there is some latent chatter that there may still yet be hope for an offer from head coach, Chip Kelly.

As head coach, Chip has raised some eyebrows with his preseason moves, and his slightly off kilter coaching style, but if there’s one true thing about Chip Kelly, it’s that he is completely unapologetic about his philosophy and coaching approach. I’m not sure what’s turning underneath the hood of the new Philly machine, but make no mistake, it will be thoroughly thought out, and interesting to watch.

Could Tebow make an impact as an Eagles QB? Well, there is definitely a chance. His rushing abilities would be welcome in the hurry up offense of the Eagles. And the trade of long ball Nick Foles, tends to suggest that the Eagles will trend toward a shorter passing game, which would benefit Tebow.

It’s interesting to note that he would once again be paired with Mark Sanchez, former quarterback to the New York Jets. The Jets failed to make the two quarterback system work between Sanchez and Tebow, but perhaps Chip would have better success.

I am keeping my eye on twitter for Tebow updates, and if Tim ends up back in an NFL uniform, I’ll be keeping my eye on that as well.


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