A Brave New World: Women in the NFL

During the NFL off season, there isn’t much media news, besides trades and acquisitions. Although this season has been far crazier than most. Who saw that Jimmy Graham trade coming??? Not to mention the Chip Kelly madness. But there has been one bit of news (besides the crazy trades) that has really intrigued me. Sarah Thomas has been hired as the first female NFL referee.

I love this. To become an NFL referee in general is an amazing feat. The chance of someone getting hired as an NFL referee? 0.17% “It’s a huge supply for a limited demand”  There are extensive character interviews, rigorous physical and psychological testing, and, at the highest levels, “a background check that would take your breath away.” It’s actually harder to become an NFL referee than to get drafted by a team. To accomplish such a feat is a great example for fellow female sports fans to follow their dreams!

To become an NFL referee you often have to have a college degree, attend a multitude of training clinics, pass rigorous physical and mental exams, and have 10 years of officiating experience. Not to mention impressing one of the NFL scouts enough to get called up to the big leagues.

So yes. This is a big deal. It’s a big deal for all women/girls out there who need that little push of motivation to follow their dreams. It’s a big deal to show females that there are other ways to get involved in the sporting world, and to express your love for the game.  Way to go Sarah Thomas! You’re going to be a role model for girls everywhere!

Side note: CBS news touched on Sarah Thomas’s journey back in September of 2014, and she wasn’t the only female who had a shot at a job on the field. Maia Chaka, was attending officiating training alongside Thomas. The draftdaydame hopes to see Maia Chaka soon in the gloriously unfashionable zebra stripes, and on an NFL field in the future. Good Luck!



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