New Ebook!

That’s right guys and gals. I have finally published my first fantasy football inspired Ebook! I am equal parts excited and nauseous.

The whole reason I wrote this book was to give girls out there that little push they might need to take the plunge into fantasy football. I wanted to identify with them and let them know that there are plenty of girls getting into the different aspects of the football world, so they weren’t alone. I wanted to be there for all the girls struggling with their first fantasy football leagues.

I have been pretty fortunate actually. I have had a ton of support from family, friends, and fellow writers in learning more about fantasy football. From the guys in my league (shout out guys!), to my mom begging me to start my writing career, to Jack Delaney, the first guy to give me a shot at getting my sports writing out there. Not to mention you guys, all my loyal readers!

So I just wanted to take the time to say thank you. Whether you go out and buy my $2.99 book or not, it’s you who keeps me going and inspires me to never give up on my dreams.

Thank you.

But if you decide you do want to buy my book I have conveniently provided you with a link below 😉

Cheers guys!!

The Draftday Dame


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KP Loundy

Lover of all things sports. Fantasy football aficionado. I also love cheese fries.

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