MyFantasyLeague.Com: The future of your league?

I have just signed up for my first MFL league. But what is an MFL league? It’s a hosted league from the site It is the most diverse, flexible, and unique site I’ve found so far. The customization available is ridiculous, and would be a lot of fun to tinker with, but for the sake of this post, I’m going to keep things pretty light and breezy.

I joined an MFL draft only league. You participate in a snake draft with (in my case) 12 teams. The catch is, that each team owner has 8 hours to make their draft selection. 8 HOURS. This may seem like overkill but it really allows you to make an educated draft time decision. Of course, this means that a draft can last weeks instead of hours so keep that in mind as you sign up. After your team is drafted (20 players). You won’t have to worry about setting a lineup for the rest of the season. “Wait, what the heck?!” Yep, no lineup setting. Your starting lineup is based on your best scoring players for that week. So, you won’t have to agonized over which wide receiver to start every week, worrying that you’ll make the wrong decision. MFL sets your optimal line up. EASY PEASY!  Whichever team wins, based on total points, gets the “W’, and the glory. Each week your starting lineup will change based on best available player per position. It’s a fun way to experience being in a fantasy football league without the everyday hassle of trades, the waiver wire, or weekly roster decisions. This is great for people in multiple leagues, those just starting out, or those who are looking for a different league experience. Not to mention, that FREE leagues exist. All reward, no risk! I’ll keep you updated on how my first draft goes, including advice and pointers for those interested in joining or starting their own leagues.



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KP Loundy

Lover of all things sports. Fantasy football aficionado. I also love cheese fries.

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