MFL Draft Only League. The Details

This is my first Draft Only league to participate in. (shout out to for hosting) So, even though I have participated in plenty of drafts, I don’t know quite what to expect, or quite how to prepare. The difference in this league is that the draft is completed via email, and it’s loooong. I’m on day three of the draft and I’ve drafted four players, You see each manager gets up to 8 hours to draft. That’s a lot, though usually managers don’t use up their full allotment of time. Notice the “usually”. Either way you’re probably looking at a good week of draft immersion. The good thing is you get plenty of time for research, the bad is that you kind of have to keep up with your draft progress and your email. But in today’s tech savvy world checking your email 8 hours doesn’t seem like too much to ask. I’m excited to try out a new league format, so I decided to share my experience with you! Here’s some notes on what to expect if you decide to try out a MFL Draft Only League.

1. There is no Trash Talking

In most drafts (especially live drafts) you’ll inevitably hear some trash talk. Even the most civil leagues with throw out some snide comments. But for the most part, the in-league dialogue is pretty silent. There is a league chat page, and the web page gives you the opportunity after you draft to brag about your pick, but so far I haven’t seen any use of it. After all, beating your chest after getting Calvin Johnson late in the second round, really loses some oomph when someone reads it a day later when it’s finally their turn to draft. So, if that’s something you’re in to, your taunts will likely fall on deaf (or delayed) ears. If you prefer peace and serenity during your draft then you may have just found your draft day happy place.

2. It’s important to pay attention to scoring details.

During my draft I had the feeling that some may have missed the memo on this one, and it’s important that you’re not one of these people. The site has the option for I think 12 different scoring standards, including the option for custom scoring. If you want a reference for rankings be sure you’re using the correct scoring parameters, and drafting accordingly.

3. The ADP is all over the place.

I recently read a well written article about not strictly going by ADP’s when drafting by @ffcouchcoach. ( Be sure to keep that in mind when you draft with a draft only format. It’s important to have a balanced roster of core starters along with some players with “boom” qualities. Look for players that may have went undrafted last season due to their “feast or famine” numbers. Players like: Eddie Royal (three games with 15+ points), Mohammed Sanu (three games of 15+ points), Michael Crabtree (three games of 14+ points), Anquan Boldin (five games of 14+ points), Benjamin Cunningham (four games of 11+ points), Ronnie Hillman (four games of 11+ points), or Matt Asiata (six games of 12+ points). It’s a perk that you don’t have to set your lineup and worry about starting one of these guys when they have one of their “famine” days. Just stash them on your bench and wait for the feast.

4. You will not have enough beer, or cheese dip to last the whole draft

Seriously don’t even try. One of my favorite parts of draft day is enjoying a beer and chowing down on some seriously-bad-for-you foods. You won’t have that in this format. If you try your typical draft day routine during one of these marathon drafts you’ll end up somewhere you don’t want to be. I’m not proud that I ate a whole bag of chips over two days absentmindedly snacking while checking stats. A family sized bag. No bueno.

5. You will get frustrated waiting for your turn.

Inevitably, you’ll have “that guy/girl” who will take their full allotment of 8 hours to draft. Maybe they have a busy work/social/home life, but that matters nada to you. You’re just checking your email every couple hours, and it’s still that guy’s turn. It is frustrating, but really it could be worse. It could be that person who’s trashed at your draft, or the person that autodrafts then complains about his team, or the person nagging you to just pick already. Take the draft with a grain of salt and just draft the best team you can. Every league has “that guy/girl”, they come in all shapes and sizes.

I’m still excited to see what kind of team I end up with, and sharing more of this MFL journey with you guys. Sound off in the comments if you have any questions or advice for fellow drafters!


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