My Fantasy League: Continued

So far I’m wrapping up my first MFL, and I’m mid way through my second. And there are a few things I’ve learned that I would like to share with those either currently participating in their own drafts, or considering joining one in the future. Now, my MFL experience is relatively small but these are tips that I will definitely use in future drafts.

1. The long draft will be both convenient and frustrating.

It’s nice to be able to not stress about making a draft pick as soon as you’re on the clock. If your pick comes up while you’re stuck in traffic, it’s no big deal. Just wait til your home in the comfort of your PJ’s and wifi. No more using up your data perusing for rankings! However, the extended time does tend to become a strain. Whether it’s the long wait for your next turn, or the annoyance/guilt that you’ll feel by holding up the line when you need a little extra time. There’s really no win here. In my opinion a live draft is always the way to go, but I’m enjoying the experience, and for some the convenience will be invaluable.

2. Your feelings about quarterbacks will be put to the test.

In both drafts I’ve participated in quarterbacks have been a hot commodity. In one league it’s understandable due to the new “super flex” option (more about that later), but even in my other league which is basic PPR scoring quarterbacks seem to be flying off draft boards far ahead of their ADP. I’m not sure if this is just an “MFL thing” or if it’s indicative for this year’s drafts. More and more quarterbacks are putting up consistently high numbers. Last season, 10 quarterbacks finished with a better than 17 point game average in standard scoring, and six of them ended up with 300+ fantasy points. In comparison, only two running backs finished with a better than 17 point PGA, and not a single running back or wide receiver garnered more than 300 points. Theoretically this would keep the demand low, since the supply is so great, but it seems like more drafters are pouncing on the sure thing of a good quarterback. If going with a less than desirable quarterback makes you anxious (think Carson Palmer, or Jay Cutler), you better pull the trigger sooner than later

3. By the end of the draft, you’ll be picking up some deep sleepers.

When doing your due diligence and draft prep you always mark down a few names that you want to take a late round flyer on. But you should keep in mind, In most MFL leagues your going past the typical 15-16 rounds and venturing into the unknown 20 round territory. This means there are about 50 more players being chosen. So root around and find those deep, deep sleepers. There are always a few players that emerge off the waiver wire into fantasy greatness. The extra rounds mean you have an opportunity to find these diamonds in the rough, as opposed to depending on the luck of the waiver wire when you want to stake your claim.

4. The big new thing in fantasy? The super flex.

What is the super flex? It’s the ability to play a quarterback in your flex position. The reasoning behind this newest twist in roster tinkering is due to the change in quarterback value. During the emergence of fantasy football, the elite quarterback was a gem to have during your fantasy season. Now a days, it’s easy to find a weekly starting quarterback as late as the 10th round. As a matter of fact, it’s a strategy that I often recommend. But by opening up another roster spot the quarterback can fill, it gives quite a boost to the value of a good quarterback. To offset this, leagues that use the superflex often have point per reception scoring, or points per carry. The fine line is that you don’t want to make quarterbacks so valuable that it’s far easier to play some ho hum quarterback over an otherwise startable running back or wide receiver. This is my first league with the superflex option, so I’ll have to get back to you on the impact during the season, however, it’s definitely something to keep in mind when you’re drafting. Make sure to check your roster requirements and scoring system.

5. The variety of scoring and player options are becoming both intriguing, and terrifying.

Couldn’t have summed it up better myself.

At the tinkering seems practically limitless, and more sites are opening up their custom options. I have started to question if there’s such a thing as “too much of a good thing”. Remember when people just went to Starbucks for their superior coffee selection? Now it’s more for the “fixin’s”. And it seems the coffee quality, in my humble opinion, has gone down hill as a result. I worry that all the new add-ons and balancing acts, it may take away from the game. Call me a purist but to this day my favorite league is a standard scoring keeper league, where a live draft is mandatory and the rosters are traditional. We add spice to our league by way of ridiculous side bets and merciless trash talk. While the ideas behind such additions are exciting and make for even more analysis and opinionating, it also means more work for commissioners and drafters. Either way, it’s a thrilling time to be involved in the fantasy football world, and the level of customization available is impressive.

These are some things to keep in mind if you’re thinking of joining an MFL league. I think the site will continue to grow in sophistication and popularity, and I for one will be using it multiple times during this fantasy season, and in the future.


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