Tim Tebow’s Roster Chances

Regular season football is upon us, only a week away. But that means that roster cuts are coming. Teams are required to whittle away their rosters to the standard 53 players. Players that have yet to finalize their spot on their respective rosters are said to be “on the bubble”. One player on the bubble that’s near and dear to those of us at Football Femme, is Tim Tebow. Tebow has seen many highs and lows so far this preseason. So what does he need to show us in this last game of the season, to ensure his future with the Philadelphia Eagles?

1.Show off some leg.

One thing Tebow has over fellow contender Matt Barkley is his legs. Tebow has the speed and strength that few quarterbacks possess. It’s part of what makes Tebow, Tebow. He’ll have to blow past a few Jet defenders, and rack up some yardage in order to impress The Eagles coaching staff, as well as the naysayers in social media. If Tebow starts packing up the yardage, Barkley can start packing his bags. Especially if those yards turn into touchdowns.

2. Complete at least 50% of his passes.

So far in the quarterback battle neither QB has impressed with his completions. Tebow will have to throw for at least a 50% completion percentage in order to solidify his role with The Eagles. At the very least he needs to beat whatever percentage Barkley puts up on Thursday.

3. Make a two point conversion happen.

It’s going to come up. The Eagles are going to go for it. All preseason “Tebow and the two point” has been the talk of the town. Unfortunately, he’s failed twice so far in the attempt. But if Tebow manages to pull off the conversion, you’re going to see an Eagle fan eruption, as well as a big green check mark by Tebows name on the final roster. Tebow is lethal on the goal line, as he presents both a threat in the air, and on the ground.

So there you have it, if Tebow comes out swinging and accomplishes these three key things, there’s a really good shot he makes the final roster. We’ll see what happens!


As of half time: Tim Tebow is 6 for 10 in passing, with 105 yards, 1 touchdown, and 18 rushing yards.

Matt Barkley is 3 for 6, with 38 yards, 1 interception, 0 rushing yards


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