Terrelle Pryor Survives the Cut at WR for The Browns

It seems that some are surprised by the news that Terrelle Pryor has manage to solidify his spot as a wide receiver for The Browns. I am not one of those people. It’s not like their wide receiver options are exactly the most stable in the league. It’s a bad sign when your head coach has to come out an confirm that your presumed starter (Dwayne Bowe) will not be released approaching the roster deadline. And it’s not like last season’s top receiver (Andrew Hawkins) is getting much love from the media or analysts. (who else are you going to turn to for you fantasy info) So it’s obvious that The Browns have a wide receiver problem, but what does Pryor have to offer?

1.He has an arm.

Much like wide receiver Mohamed Sanu helps out the Cincinnati Bengals, Pryor could be involved in some 3rd down, and goal line trick plays. After all Sanu has completed 100% of his passes for The Bengals, it’s possible we could see a similar level of success from Pryor. While Johnny Manziel has looked decidedly better this preseason, The Browns aren’t much better equipped at quarterback than wide receiver. If things go by the wayside, Pryor gives them another cheap option at QB.

2.His athleticism.

At 6’4″ 223 pounds, Pryor is a big redzone target. Players with a mulitsport history, especially a basketball/football combo, have a history of being impressive endzone targets. (think Jimmy Graham) Maybe it has something to do with rebounding and boxing out, I don’t know. But these type of players have what it takes to go up, and come down with the ball. The Browns don’t have a lot of endzone specialist. Having someone like Pryor could only help their cause.

3.The two point conversion.

It’s the favorite off season buzzword, and leagues bright shiny new toy. Teams are going to want to play with it during regular season. With Pryor being a run, pass, reception threat, he’s a great guy to have during these high stakes plays.

I’m glad that Pryor made the cut for The Browns. If nothing else it gives us one more thing to watch on Sunday.

For more on Pryor making the roster check out The Bleacher Report:



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