Why No One Wants Tim Tebow

If you’ve read much of my stuff you know how I feel about Tim Tebow, so my posting this article on my site shouldn’t come as much of a surprise. Even though this article was written almost two years ago it’s still just as relevant. There are so many quarterbacks being traded and picked up that, to me, don’t have as much to offer as Tebow. I dont get it. But I wish him the best of luck, and as unlikely as it is, I hope to see him back on the field soon.

Why No One in the NFL Wants Tim Tebow


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KP Loundy

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One thought on “Why No One Wants Tim Tebow”

  1. Quarterbacks normally take five years to mature. But in his second year, Tebow started and went 7-4, winning a playoff game against the Pittsburgh Steelers. Logically, that’s a guy with potential you hold onto and develop. For whatever reason, the Jets appear to have sabotaged Tebow’s career. He was given extremely few opportunities to play during the 2012 season. This is indefensible given his ability and the poor performance of the team’s starter. After the Jets cut him, he seems to have been locked out of the league. Offhand, it almost seems like someone doesn’t want him to have an NFL career.

    While Tebow isn’t the most consistent passer, he has two noteworthy assets. First, he can run. Second, in the clutch, he’s always been a threat to burn defenses deep. Tebow doesn’t win pretty, but he does win.


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