Dez Bryants Injury and Who You Should Target As A Replacement

Twitter is blowing up. The Dallas Cowboys will be missing their stud wide receiver for at least 4-6 weeks due to a broken foot. This is a huge blow for The Cowboys, and likely a few fantasy teams. Dez Bryant was a popular first round choice, and was an anticipated top five fantasy receiver. Due to this injury all that is in question.


// to what I assume to be a credible twitter source Bryant is looking at a long recovery time. With the Cowboys having a bye week during week six, this may lessen the blow. However, teams who drafted Dez, and other savvy fantasy players, are going to want to find an advantage to Byrant’s vacancy.

Terrance Williams is listed as the number two receiver on The Cowboys depth chart, and made some valuable catches during The Giants game. He’s currently owned in about 44% of ESPN leagues. Williams has the same height and build as Bryant, so he should be an easy fill in on the field. In 2014 he manage to haul in eight touchdowns (second only to Bryant) so he’s an established endzone threat. Last season, Bryant raked in an impressive 16 touchdowns. Those targets are going to have to go to someone, and I predict that someone will be Williams.

If you miss out on Williams, another great Cowboys pick up is running back Lance Dunbar. Dunbar made some impressive grabs on the final Cowboys drive, and came away with the most receptions. (3 more than Williams) With Bryant out, Tony Romo is going to need another receiving option. While Bryant is a great touchdown target, only 27 of his 88 catches were over 20 yards. So while Williams may get more of the endzone looks, Dunbar should see a healthy increase in his targets and receptions. With Dunbar only owned in 3.4% of leagues, and all eyes on Williams, you should have a good shot at claiming him off the wire. He could end up being a super sneaky pick up, particularly in PPR leagues.

While his absence will be felt by many, this still doesn’t mean an end to The Dallas Cowboys playoff chances, or their fantasy offensive numbers. Bryant will be back eventually, and until then he’ll be a vocal resident of the sideline. Even on the way out Bryant was still supporting his team.



Hopefully we’ll see him back on the field soon.


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