Fantasy Football: Carlos Hyde is out Week 8 vs the Rams

Carlos Hyde will miss Sunday’s game against the St. Louis Rams due to a stress fracture in his foot. With Hyde being ruled out early, there’s a lot of speculation he’ll also miss Week 9. The good thing is the 49 Niners have a Week 10 bye, so Hyde will have plenty of time to rest up and finish the season strong.

On game playbacks, Hyde looks good. He is a great downfield runner with a lot of strength. He proved that early in Week 1 against The Vikings. After that performance he led backs in yards after contact, and total rushing yards. But since has fizzled out. In his first game as feature back, he annihilated The Minnesota Viking defense for over 160 yards and two rushing touchdowns. Hyde also did well Week 5 against the New York Giants, gaining 93 yards on the ground. It was the only other game so far this season he got close to breaking 100 rushing yards, and was the only other game in which he scored a touchdown. So what’s going on with Hyde’s fantasy numbers?

A lot of it comes down to the offensive line. The 49ers have a minus-36.7 run-blocking grade on the year. Even the most talented running back is going to struggle with a lackluster performance from his line. The holes just aren’t opening up for Hyde. Ironically enough, The line seems to get their act together against some of the better defenses. The Vikings and The Giants have cracked the top 10 for fantasy defenses, and both employee in impressive pass rushing defense. But it was against these two teams that Hyde and the San Francisco 49ers excelled.

The Niners are going to have to make some changes. They are going to have to bolster their offensive line somehow, and Colin Kaepernick is going to have to become more mobile and make some big downfield passes to open things up offensively. Carlos Hyde is by far their biggest offensive weapon. If Hyde does indeed miss Week 9, his fantasy stock take a substantial hit, if you can get him for cheap in a trade Week 10 or 11 pull the trigger. I predict a big swing in his fantasy performance. If the SF line can get their act together, Hyde should finish the 2015 fantasy season strong.


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