Dynasty Drafting 101

Let’s get down to business.

From my research there are three overall types of fantasy drafters:

  1. In it to win it/Go big or go home
  2. Playing for next season
  3. Some combination of the two

Go Big or Go Home

These drafters aren’t worried about anything more than drafting big name players who can offer immediate results. There primary basis for draft selection is recent fantasy success, as opposed to long term potential.


  • You get instant results: You don’t have to worry about how a rookie is going to fit into a new system, or have to speculate about production. Of course, not all players are gong to play up to their last season potential, but it’s very similar to a typical draft. You just have to use your best judgement
  • It’s easy to do: For new players who are intimidated by a new format or a new league. drafting in this manner can offer some level of comfort. There’s also less research involved.


  • You will need to draft based more on position: When you’re taking all the “brand name players” you’re going to have to fill your starting roster positions in order to get the most bang for you buck. This means that you may have to pass up that extra wide receiver you have your eye on in order to land a top tier quarterback.
  • Your team will not be a strong in the long run: Every player comes with an expiration date, and by focusing on the current best options you will miss out on players that offer more long term value. Dynasty leagues are suppose to be a long term investment, so this is definitely something to keep in mind if you decide to use this strategy.

Playing For Next Season

These drafters are playing the long game. They focus on rookies and players that can help them for years to come.


  • Stronger team as the years progress: By picking players that will contribute to your team for multiple years you don’t have to worry about having an off season. You’re not picking players who will soon retire, or are at the peak of their fantasy prowess. You’re pick young fantasy players who still have a lot to give.
  • You’ve researched your team: Taking the road less traveled means you’re going to have to do some extra mapping. You’re not planning for a battle, you’re plotting a war. By putting in the extra effort that comes with picking players based on long term potential, you’re going to have a better understanding of your players, and the strengths and weaknesses of your team.


  • You have to research your team: Yes, this is a double edged sword. Novice dynasty drafters (not to mention those new to fantasy football in general) may find all the research required tedious and over whelming. There’s a lot of stats that will have to be sifted through. My advice, especially if you’re new to fantasy, is to find a fantasy author you trust, and base your rankings primarily on their advice, tweaking for your own preference. It’s not for the faint of heart.
  • The first year may be tough: If your passing up on big name players in favor of their younger and sometimes untried counterparts, your first season may not be as productive as some of the other managers. Of course, you may knock it out of the park and pick only the most productive rookies, who go on to have ridiculous fantasy years, but it’s a pretty big risk for your first season

Some Combination Of The Two: 

Then there are those drafters who try to balance out their teams with veterans and rookies. This seems like the obvious choice right? But, it’s tough to do. When is it better to take a risk than bet on the sure thing? What positions are more risky than others? If you’re going for the combo, my advice is to have a sound drafting strategy that you feel comfortable with and stick to it. I’ll delve farther into some modified dynasty drafting strategies in the next post.

If I’ve said it before, I’ll say it again. There’s no better way to prepare for a draft than MOCK DRAFTS, MOCK DRAFTS, MOCK DRAFTS. This is especially true for those starting a new league, and those that are new to the dynasty format. This is the site I am currently using:


Until next time, you know what to do!


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