CJ Prosise MiniCamp Injury?

While the word of CJ Prosise’s progress in camp is positive, it seems like the running back may be nursing a hip flexor injury suffered early in OTAs. Injuries like this often occur during sprinting activities and can range from a minor injury (quick recovery and still maintaining full function) to a major one. (all muscle fibers are ruptured resulting in complete loss of function) Luckily for CJ it seems like his injury is a minor one.

Head Coach Pete Carroll finds the setback “frustrating”, due to his “big plans” for his new running back. To find out what I think those big plans could be check out my newest article at YourFantasyFootballCoach.com:

CJ Prosise: Fantasy Profile

Rookie muscle, tendon, and bone injuries seem to be becoming more commonplace. I’m not sure if this is because of the increased availability of information, so we’re simply more aware of the issue, or if there is some kind of breakdown in the conditioning needed to transition new recruits into the demanding expectations of the NFL. While Rookies are often expected to start proving themselves early on, often their bodies and conditioning aren’t up to snuff. This site hopes to delve more into this issue in the future.





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