Julian Edelman To Host A Football Clinic For Women

Julian Edelman is the latest face of the campaign to get more women involved in sports. He (along with Rob Gronkowski) will be hosting a football clinic for women at Gillette Stadium in October. The clinic will offer insight on football basics in addition to delving into more specialized football skills. A touch football game, question and answer sesh, and photo op will follow.

It seems like these “football clinics” geared toward women are popping up more and more frequently. I personally think it’s great, but you either love the idea or you hate it.

Take The Buc’s Red Campaign from last season: Women and Sports: An Opinion on the new RED Movement.  So much hate, so much praise (but mainly hate). Women were on the fence as to whether these femme marketed camps were degrading or inclusive. It seems the league is doing it’s best to welcome women into their football fan club, but the problem is for some they’re still kinda coming off as that sleazy guy in a pub in a, “Here darlin’ let me show you how to hold the pool stick” kind of way.

I think I’ve made my opinion pretty well known on the subject. The simple fact that these events are being hosted (and quickly selling out) is a sign that the NFL is embracing it’s female sports fans (finally). True they are throwing in cocktails and some of the finer players as incentive, but I would gladly take my football knowledge with a side of Edelman and wine. Now if we could just get some well made women’s jerseys we would on top of the world! Seriously someone should look into that.

Women are a growing voice in the sports world and our contributions are invaluable. The only way we are going to be taken more seriously is to support one another both as women and as fans, and not be intimidated if we are treated a little differently. We have to be the change we want to see in the (sports) world. We are one, we are many, we are lovers of all things football.







Football Femme Shout Out! Role Models For Women Who Love Sports

This site would like to start recognizing some of the women out there making a difference in the wide world of sports. Women who are role models for all the young girls who dream of one day finding a niche in a very competitive market.

This FF Shout Out goes to Colleen Thomas (@colleenthomas_), Associate Editor for http://www.sportingnews.com.

She recently auditioned for Sports Jeopardy! The all-sport-knowledge spin off of the classic Jeopardy! that we all know and love. Hosting is Emmy award winning sportscaster Dan Patrick. New episodes (that will hopefully feature Colleen!) begin airing on September 23rd on all Crackle platforms.

Read her about her experience here:

“Sports Jeopardy! is a man’s world, but I auditioned to change that”

After reading I’m definitely adding Sports Jeopardy! contestant to my list of future goals. Thanks Colleen for writing about your experience!

Women and Sports: An Opinion on the new RED Movement

Women are becoming more involved with the sporting world. It’s a beautiful thing to be a part of. But, it seems like with every step forward, there’s a step back. I’m not sure why everything football/female related has to be triple dipped in controversy, but I guess that’s just where we are right now.

The latest gridiron girl controversy is the Tampa Bay Buccaneers new women’s movement they’ve dubbed “RED”. For more info about the program and my opinion on the whole thing, check out my article at http://www.fakepigskin.com or just follow the handy link I have posted at the bottom of this article.

Ladies (and gents) I would love to hear your feedback. Leave a comment or tweet me @draftdaydame. I look forward to hearing from you!!


A Brave New World: Women in the NFL

During the NFL off season, there isn’t much media news, besides trades and acquisitions. Although this season has been far crazier than most. Who saw that Jimmy Graham trade coming??? Not to mention the Chip Kelly madness. But there has been one bit of news (besides the crazy trades) that has really intrigued me. Sarah Thomas has been hired as the first female NFL referee.

I love this. To become an NFL referee in general is an amazing feat. The chance of someone getting hired as an NFL referee? 0.17% “It’s a huge supply for a limited demand”  There are extensive character interviews, rigorous physical and psychological testing, and, at the highest levels, “a background check that would take your breath away.” It’s actually harder to become an NFL referee than to get drafted by a team. To accomplish such a feat is a great example for fellow female sports fans to follow their dreams!

To become an NFL referee you often have to have a college degree, attend a multitude of training clinics, pass rigorous physical and mental exams, and have 10 years of officiating experience. Not to mention impressing one of the NFL scouts enough to get called up to the big leagues.

So yes. This is a big deal. It’s a big deal for all women/girls out there who need that little push of motivation to follow their dreams. It’s a big deal to show females that there are other ways to get involved in the sporting world, and to express your love for the game.  Way to go Sarah Thomas! You’re going to be a role model for girls everywhere!

Side note: CBS news touched on Sarah Thomas’s journey back in September of 2014, and she wasn’t the only female who had a shot at a job on the field. Maia Chaka, was attending officiating training alongside Thomas. The draftdaydame hopes to see Maia Chaka soon in the gloriously unfashionable zebra stripes, and on an NFL field in the future. Good Luck!


The Quick Shopping Method Continued

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It’s almost here! 7 days until kick off!

Why we do, What we do

There are many reasons to start playing Fantasy Football. Personally, I started playing because I love football and enjoy competition. “Beating the boys at their own game” was definitely my goal. I have always been pretty athletic and growing up, it wasn’t other girls that I wanted to play against, it was the boys. They always seemed faster, stronger, and that’s what I aspired to. As a result, I got pretty good at the sports I participated in. My best sport by far was basketball; it was my first love in life. One of the best feelings in the world was beating some loudmouth boy off the dribble, putting up a 3 in someone’s face, the confused look on a guys face when he’s still trying to dribble and you’re blowing past him with the ball you just stole. It made me feel good to prove that I was just as good as they were, if not better.

I’m not playing basketball much anymore, but I still get that thrill from Fantasy Football. The guys were hesitant at first I think, as I was the only girl in the league. But then in my first season I went 11-1. After that they pretty much accepted me with open arms. I’m sure it helped that I had a healthy appreciation for beer, and was tolerant of their fart jokes.

But I won’t lie I was nervous at first, especially being the only girl in the league. I didn’t have as much knowledge as these guys. I had never played before so I wasn’t sure about all the rules. Not to mention how they were going to react to me, and what I would have to put up with. I’m sure everyone goes through that “new guy” feeling when joining a league for the first time. My best advice is to buckle down, and get to researching. Like anything else you’re going to have to work at it if you want to see results.

I have been with this same group of guys for three years now, and I have learned more than I ever expected to. I’ve had some big wins, and some really bad, embarrassing losses. But it was worth it. So no matter why it is, that you do what you do; Embrace it. It’s a long season full of big wins and heartbreak, but the ride is definitely worth the price of admission.