Kickers and the Extra Point in 2015

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During the preseason, a major change was implemented that had the potential to drastically change the offensive strategies for some NFL teams. I’m talking about changes made regarding how teams score after a touchdown.

While the ball placement during two point conversions stayed the same on the two yard line, there was a significant change on where extra point attempts would originate. Kicking plays for the 2015 season are spotted on the 15 yard line as opposed to around the two yard line.

Most analysts thought this change would have little to no effect on how teams approached their scoring strategies. After all, for so many years the extra point was pretty much a guarantee. Kickers were pretty accurate on field goals from less than 20 yards as well. Over 90%…

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The Pittsburgh Steelers Have Release Josh Scobee

Josh Scobee has learned the first rule of football. Don’t piss off Snoop dog.

I’m sure Scobee’s release doesn’t come as a shock to many. Josh Scobee has performed at a less than desirable level during his employment with The Steelers. He missed a field goal early in the season that left Head Coach Mike Tomlin, and The Steelers organization doubtful of their kicker’s potential. As a result Pittsburgh turned it’s eye instead to the two point conversion, and took more risks in the red zone. In the wake of a lackluster performance, Twitter has been less than kind.



It was Scobee’s Thursday night performance that sealed his fate. Scobee missed two critical field goals from 40+ yards. As a direct response to his less than stellar performance, The Steelers chose to go for it on a fourth down in overtime against the Baltimore Ravens. They failed to convert on the down. They went on to lose to the Ravens by three.

The Steelers have officially signed free agent Chris Boswell. Scobee finished his tenure with The Steelers making 6 of 7 extra points, and 6 of 10 field goals. It’s currently a hard time in the NFL for kickers.