Why we do, What we do

There are many reasons to start playing Fantasy Football. Personally, I started playing because I love football and enjoy competition. “Beating the boys at their own game” was definitely my goal. I have always been pretty athletic and growing up, it wasn’t other girls that I wanted to play against, it was the boys. They always seemed faster, stronger, and that’s what I aspired to. As a result, I got pretty good at the sports I participated in. My best sport by far was basketball; it was my first love in life. One of the best feelings in the world was beating some loudmouth boy off the dribble, putting up a 3 in someone’s face, the confused look on a guys face when he’s still trying to dribble and you’re blowing past him with the ball you just stole. It made me feel good to prove that I was just as good as they were, if not better.

I’m not playing basketball much anymore, but I still get that thrill from Fantasy Football. The guys were hesitant at first I think, as I was the only girl in the league. But then in my first season I went 11-1. After that they pretty much accepted me with open arms. I’m sure it helped that I had a healthy appreciation for beer, and was tolerant of their fart jokes.

But I won’t lie I was nervous at first, especially being the only girl in the league. I didn’t have as much knowledge as these guys. I had never played before so I wasn’t sure about all the rules. Not to mention how they were going to react to me, and what I would have to put up with. I’m sure everyone goes through that “new guy” feeling when joining a league for the first time. My best advice is to buckle down, and get to researching. Like anything else you’re going to have to work at it if you want to see results.

I have been with this same group of guys for three years now, and I have learned more than I ever expected to. I’ve had some big wins, and some really bad, embarrassing losses. But it was worth it. So no matter why it is, that you do what you do; Embrace it. It’s a long season full of big wins and heartbreak, but the ride is definitely worth the price of admission.


Mission Statement

My name is Payton, and I am quickly becoming a Fantasy Football Addict. Admittance is the first step Ladies and Gentleman, but rather than stop what I’m doing, I have decided to find a way to channel this love into something productive. My goal is to empower women (and men) who are interested in learning more about Football, and Fantasy Football in particular.

As a woman, I have felt intimidated by stepping into this realm of a “man’s world”, but as fantasy football has grown in sophistication and popularity, women are increasingly become more vocal, and more involved. Which, by the way, is AWESOME!

The purpose of this blog is to explain the basics of the game in a female friendly manner, but also for any beginner that may be interested. I’ll explain positions, scoring, drafting, and etiquette, among other things. I will also keep up a glossary so you can Name Drop some Football knowledge.

No matter how long you have been playing the game, how many Fantasy Football titles you have under your belt, there is always room to learn and improve, because I guarantee you, there is someone out there that can teach you a thing or two. Which is why I am excited to be learning right along with you! I look forward to your questions, comments, and debates as we perfect the art that is Fantasy Football.