Jacoby Jones joins the Pittsburgh Steelers: Should force an interesting conversation with Mike Tomlin

Back in 2013 Pittsburgh coach Mike Tomlin caused quite the stir by interfering with what looked to be a touchdown return by the then Baltimore Raven Jacoby Jones. Tomlin claimed to not be aware of how far onto the field he was at the time, and since Tomlin has a pretty clean record otherwise, I’d be willing to give him the benefit of the doubt. Either way, their first few face to face meetings between the two may have some interesting undertones. I expect Jones to take over some of the return duties for the Pittsburgh Steelers. With the season ending injury to stud running back Le’Veon Bell, Pittsburgh is going to be taking more precautions to protect their other super star, wide receiver Antonio Brown, and the Steelers have a pretty up close and personal view, of just how lethal Jones can be on the return.

We wish Jones luck with his new team. Watch the video of Tomlin’s interference here:


Women and Sports: An Opinion on the new RED Movement

Women are becoming more involved with the sporting world. It’s a beautiful thing to be a part of. But, it seems like with every step forward, there’s a step back. I’m not sure why everything football/female related has to be triple dipped in controversy, but I guess that’s just where we are right now.

The latest gridiron girl controversy is the Tampa Bay Buccaneers new women’s movement they’ve dubbed “RED”. For more info about the program and my opinion on the whole thing, check out my article at http://www.fakepigskin.com or just follow the handy link I have posted at the bottom of this article.

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