Tom Brady’s Four Game Suspension Stands

In breaking news The Federal Appeals Court has officially denied Tom Brady’s attempt at a new hearing on his “Deflategate” suspension. What began as an accusation of cheating has turned into national news with Brady refusing to go quietly into the night, or in this case his suspension. His continued fight seems to not be focused so much on his innocence, rather the far reaching power of the NFL, specifically Rodger Goodell. Today The Court sided with NFL Commissioner Rodger Goodell, stating that Goodell was within his rights to suspend the New England Patriots QB for his involvement in the tampering of game balls during a 2015 playoff game. The Patriots went on to win the game and advance in the playoffs.

Brady will miss the first four games of the season. Games that include two key conference games against the Miami Dolphins and the Buffalo Bills. Last season, The Patriots edged out the Jets by two games to lead the AFC EAST, so if Brady’s absence proves to be too much for The Patriots and back up Jimmy Garoppolo to overcome, the loses could finally dethrone the reigning AFC Champs.

Brady’s last hope is to appeal to the Supreme Court, though after this defeat, a reversal seems extremely unlikely.




Julian Edelman To Host A Football Clinic For Women

Julian Edelman is the latest face of the campaign to get more women involved in sports. He (along with Rob Gronkowski) will be hosting a football clinic for women at Gillette Stadium in October. The clinic will offer insight on football basics in addition to delving into more specialized football skills. A touch football game, question and answer sesh, and photo op will follow.

It seems like these “football clinics” geared toward women are popping up more and more frequently. I personally think it’s great, but you either love the idea or you hate it.

Take The Buc’s Red Campaign from last season: Women and Sports: An Opinion on the new RED Movement.  So much hate, so much praise (but mainly hate). Women were on the fence as to whether these femme marketed camps were degrading or inclusive. It seems the league is doing it’s best to welcome women into their football fan club, but the problem is for some they’re still kinda coming off as that sleazy guy in a pub in a, “Here darlin’ let me show you how to hold the pool stick” kind of way.

I think I’ve made my opinion pretty well known on the subject. The simple fact that these events are being hosted (and quickly selling out) is a sign that the NFL is embracing it’s female sports fans (finally). True they are throwing in cocktails and some of the finer players as incentive, but I would gladly take my football knowledge with a side of Edelman and wine. Now if we could just get some well made women’s jerseys we would on top of the world! Seriously someone should look into that.

Women are a growing voice in the sports world and our contributions are invaluable. The only way we are going to be taken more seriously is to support one another both as women and as fans, and not be intimidated if we are treated a little differently. We have to be the change we want to see in the (sports) world. We are one, we are many, we are lovers of all things football.






2016 Fantasy Football: Is Marshawn Lynch Retired?

My Thoughts on Marshawn Lynch!

Your Fantasy Football Coach

Everyone loves a good conspiracy theory. And without much news during June and July, Fantasy Football enthusiasts especially love to hear stories on any type of preseason drama. 

The Marshawn Lynch Saga has all that and a bag of skittles.

Now, it’s true that there have been rumors of Lynch retiring over the past two seasons.That’s part of the reason why everyone is skeptical that Beast Mode is calling it quits for good.

And since Lynch is notorious for not talking to the media (#ImjustheresoIdontgetfined), his retirement “announcement” had to fit his personality perfectly.

Of course, he had to Tweet this during the Super Bowl. Lynch may not talk much, but he has no problem being heard.

Fantasy Football players were ready to move on from Lynch. But his retirement still had a few loose ends that needed to be tied…

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Football Femme Shout Out! Role Models For Women Who Love Sports

This site would like to start recognizing some of the women out there making a difference in the wide world of sports. Women who are role models for all the young girls who dream of one day finding a niche in a very competitive market.

This FF Shout Out goes to Colleen Thomas (@colleenthomas_), Associate Editor for

She recently auditioned for Sports Jeopardy! The all-sport-knowledge spin off of the classic Jeopardy! that we all know and love. Hosting is Emmy award winning sportscaster Dan Patrick. New episodes (that will hopefully feature Colleen!) begin airing on September 23rd on all Crackle platforms.

Read her about her experience here:

“Sports Jeopardy! is a man’s world, but I auditioned to change that”

After reading I’m definitely adding Sports Jeopardy! contestant to my list of future goals. Thanks Colleen for writing about your experience!

Is Andy Dalton is the real deal? Fantasy Football Implications

Andy Dalton’s hair is not the only thing on fire, his game is pretty on point too. Dalton is currently the top scoring fantasy player, beating out notable names like Aaron Rodgers, Tom Brady, and Andrew Luck. Dalton went undrafted in many leagues, and is currently still unowned in 18% of leagues, and remaining benched in 46% of leagues. Veteran QB’s like Matthew Stafford, Peyton Manning, and Drew Brees aren’t playing up to snuff, and the new recruits, Jameis Winston and Marcus Mariota aren’t consistent fantasy producers. It would seem like Andy Dalton would be rising in the ranks of fantasy quarterbacks. So what is stopping managers from playing Dalton on a weekly basis?

I think it’s just name recognition. Fantasy players are more likely to play a big name like Peyton Manning and Drew Brees over someone like Andy Dalton. Even though Dalton has been putting up some serious numbers, the media doesn’t paint him as an elite quarterback. In spite of that Dalton is making some serious headway into building an MVP resume.  Only two other quarterbacks in NFL history have started 5-0 with at least 1,500 pass yards and a touchdown-to-interception ratio of at least five. Those signal-callers were Aaron Rodgers in 2011, and Peyton Manning in 2013. Both went on to win MVP honors in those respective seasons.

Through his last five games, Dalton has 11 touchdowns, 1,518 passing yards, and a 67.5-percent completion percentage. He’s also gained 55 yards rushing and rushed for two touchdowns. He’s surrounded by talent, and has the support of his team his coaching staff, and his fans. If you’re not betting on Dalton, you should be.


The Fantasy Implications of The Two Point Conversion Changes

Your Fantasy Football Coach

Last week I talked about the impact of the preseason rule change to move an extra point kick to the 15 yard line as opposed to placing it on the 2 yard line. The effects of this change are already being felt in a variety of ways.

This new rule could be just the start of more immediately impactful changes in the future. But, perhaps you don’t really care about rules, offensive schemes, or play calling. You want to know how all this affects you and your fantasy team. Well, I live to serve.

The Fantasy Impact of Rule Changes Regarding the Extra Point and Two Point Conversion

A good kicker is hard to find.

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Have Daily Fantasy Sites Gone Too Far?

FanDuel and DraftKings. Those are the two heavy hitters in Daily Fantasy Sites. If you hadn’t heard of them before, I’m sure you’ve heard of them by now. It’s estimated that the two sites have pumped more than $150 million into the radio and airwaves in order to boost awareness and participation. The ads are everywhere. A simple word like “beer” or “pretzels” can earn you up to $600 in deposit matching from the sites. They show success stories of average people turned millionaires with the click of a button. People who have won hundreds of thousands of dollars and risked pennies on the dollar. It’s a good ad, though slightly misleading. (more on that later) But what I’m concerned with is the possibility that these sites have shot themselves in the foot. That they’ve gone too far with the ad campaigns.

This is too much.

Screenshot 2015-10-05 at 7.19.10 PM - Edited

This is what you’re greeted with when you are trying to access your ESPN fantasy team. It’s a full on ad explosion of FanDuel madness. I literally had to search before I was able to find the link for my teams. I was overwhelmed. This was far more annoying than the average 45 second commercial blitz. People coming to this particular part of the ESPN site are likely already fantasy sport fans, and as such, have probably heard of Daily Fantasy Sites and FanDuel. So is this necessary?

Ironically the crowd that seems to be complaining the loudest are fantasy fans.

I think as fantasy players, we can see how misleading the ads are. The sites are trying to turn something that many devote a large portion of their time to, into something less that what it is. Turning it into a game of luck. Being good at fantasy sports isn’t luck, it’s a skill. To be an exceptional fantasy player requires time, effort, and research. Do you think Matthew Berrys just fall off the turnip truck every day? No. It takes years of time and energy to get to a level where you can predict the production of teams and players. Often, it’s fantasy players who are the ones profiting from daily leagues. They already have a basic knowledge and skill set that puts them ahead of the curve. Are there fantasy players out there that aren’t the best daily league players? Absolutely. Are there daily league winners out there that possess only a basic knowledge of football or fantasy sports? It’s possible. But the majority of winners are coming from a select group of people. In fact,

“Sports Business Journal reported that 91 percent of the winnings at daily fantasy sports sites are claimed by just 1.3 percent of players — the so-called sharks. These winners, some of whom play full time, rely on sophisticated algorithms, trend data and knowledge of the games and matchups to invest heavily in optimal lineups for each 24-hour period.”

So these average joes flashing their hard earned checks are the exception not the rule.

Speaking of Daily League sharks has just released an article about possible insider betting.

Winning a contest like Millionaire Maker, which has hundreds of thousands of participants, is less about buying up the best players than about finding market inefficiencies and selecting players who will help the fewest amount of your competitors while running cheap relative to their production. (This is basic tournament strategy; it’s the same reason you’re discouraged from picking all chalk in a large March Madness pool.) Thus, when you select a lineup, you have to try, blindly, to determine both the bargain value and how under-the-radar your lineup will fly.

Of course, if you have this data ahead of time—as certain DraftKings employees evidently do, or did—you have a massive advantage over your competitors. There’s no guesswork, only algorithmic scheming. You can remove the behavioral uncertainty from the equation and play knowing all opposition strategies.

Pretty much a DraftKings employee had access to information that he used to win a high stakes league at FanDuel. New information suggests that the employee may not have had access to the information until after he had formed his lineup, but the reporting of the story has cast quite the shadow over the DFS sporting world. Currently, there isn’t much oversight with Daily League Sites. If stories like this keep popping up you can bet this will change. Read the full article here:

Overall, I feel like the media blitz, and the misrepresentation by the sites, kind of cheapen the product they are trying to sell. Don’t get me wrong, it’s a great product. I love fantasy football, and have participated in leagues on both sites. But in my opinion, it’s all become too much. I hope that in the future DraftKings and FanDuel can turn their image around, because right now they’re turning off a lot of fantasy players, as opposed to recruiting their business.