2016 Fantasy Football: Jimmy Graham Profile

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It seems like only yesterday Jimmy Graham was the face of Fantasy Football.

But his trade to the Seattle Seahawks, and subsequent fall from grace that was his 2015 season, has all but stopped talk about the dominant Fantasy performances he was once known for. 

But is Graham poised for a comeback this season? Have the Seahawks graduated from a run-first offense to something a little more balanced? With rankings being released left and right, here’s my take on Graham…

Jimmy Graham Stats

Graham is entering his seventh NFL season. The 6-foot-7,  265-pound tight end had made a name for himself as a premium end-zone target during his time with the New Orleans Saints.

In his career with the Saints, the 29-year old tight end averaged 11.5 touchdown receptions per season (barring his rookie season). However, his trade to The Seahawks seemed to greatly reduce some of his shine.


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2016 Fantasy Football: A Review of 5 Quarterback ADP Values

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At the start of any Fantasy Football season, running back and wide receiver values tend to fluctuate. That’s because we get more reports as the summer progresses on who could be in for a big season, who is disappointing, and who the Fantasy Football community should start adding to their sleeper lists.

But in terms of quarterback, ADP data in May or June tends to roughly be the same in August and September. With quarterbacks, we are all pretty set in our opinions of who is a stud and who is a dud.

The only thing that would really change a quarterback’s ADP is an injury or suspension.

So today, the staff of Your Fantasy Football Coach wanted to take a look at the ADP of five different quarterbacks for the 2016 Fantasy Football Season.

All of the ADP data we use is courtesy of FantasyFootballCalculator.com.

Cam Newton ADP: 3.08 

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Pharoh Cooper: 2016 Fantasy Football Profile

Taking a look at Pharoh Cooper on YourFantasyFootballCoach.com

Your Fantasy Football Coach

First things first about Pharoh Cooper: He has a really cool name.

Seriously, props to his family for the fancy moniker. But a nice name isn’t enough to justify a spot on your 2016 Fantasy Football roster.

He was a fourth-round pick for the Los Angeles Rams, a team that will either have a rookie quarterback or Case Keenum under center in Week 1.

Is Cooper worth drafting in non-dynasty leagues? Let’s take a look…

Pharoh Cooper: College Stats

Cooper is 5-foot-11, 208 pounds and played for South Carolina in college.

Though Cooper got off to a slow start in college, he showed a lot of versatility. He finished his freshman season with 54 receiving yards, 202 rushing yards, scored one rushing touchdown, and completed two of three pass attempts for 29 yards and one touchdown.

In his sophomore season, he broke the school record for single-game receiving yards (233)…

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2016 Fantasy Football: Is Marshawn Lynch Retired?

My Thoughts on Marshawn Lynch!

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Everyone loves a good conspiracy theory. And without much news during June and July, Fantasy Football enthusiasts especially love to hear stories on any type of preseason drama. 

The Marshawn Lynch Saga has all that and a bag of skittles.

Now, it’s true that there have been rumors of Lynch retiring over the past two seasons.That’s part of the reason why everyone is skeptical that Beast Mode is calling it quits for good.

And since Lynch is notorious for not talking to the media (#ImjustheresoIdontgetfined), his retirement “announcement” had to fit his personality perfectly.

Of course, he had to Tweet this during the Super Bowl. Lynch may not talk much, but he has no problem being heard.

Fantasy Football players were ready to move on from Lynch. But his retirement still had a few loose ends that needed to be tied…

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Moritz Boehringer 2016 Fantasy Football Profile

My newest article for yourfantasyfootballcoach.com. If you’re not already following the site then you should be!

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There were plenty of notable moments in the 2016 NFL Draft, but one of the later highlights came in Round 6 when the Minnesota Vikings drafted wide receiver Moritz Boehringer.

It wasn’t because of the team that drafted him, or his amazing slip down draft boards. Boehringer was the first European player to be drafted without playing college football.

Boehringer was inspired by YouTube highlights of new teammate Adrian Peterson, and despite not having the typical football experience, Boehringer caught the eye of a Viking’s scout team.

But, with a limited football background, what can we expect from Moritz this season?

What we do know about the 23-year old receiver is notable. Boehringer is 6-foot-4, 225 pounds. That makes him a huge target for Teddy Bridgewater.

He also posted some pretty impressive numbers during his pro day with the Florida Atlantic Owls, including a 4.43 40-yard dash time. He…

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Darren McFadden’s Time to Shine?

Your Fantasy Football Coach

Coming into the 2015 fantasy football season, the Dallas Cowboys announced that running back Darren McFadden would be the primary starter. There were many who doubted McFadden could be a starter.

After all, Joseph Randle had been an adequate back up to former star running back DeMarco Murray, and McFadden’s collegiate shine had definitely diminished during his stay with the Oakland Raiders. Turns out, McFadden turned into the starter. It just took about half of the season for that to happen…

Randle was officially waived by the Cowboys on Nov. 3. He was the primary ball carrier to start the season, and Randle easily saw double the carries of McFadden to start the year.

In Week 3, Randle dominated the Atlanta Falcons, averaging 6.2 YPC and racked up three touchdowns. Unfortunately for Randle, his success was short lived. It became more and more apparent that there was a rift…

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