Terrelle Pryor: The Browns ‘Big Mistake’

//platform.twitter.com/widgets.jsEven though Pryor made the cut for The Cleveland Browns, he was later waived in favor of running back Robert Turbin from the Seattle Seahawks. Pryor, who previously was listed as a quarterback, this season made the switch to wide receiver. What’s interesting to me, is that even though listed as a receiver, Pryor failed to record a single catch or target during the preseason. In fact, he was used more rushing, recording nine yards on two attempts. Pryor seems to have a lot going for him on paper. He towers over supposed started Andrew Hawkins at 6’4″, and has at least two inches over the remaining wide receivers. He carries a little more weight, but I believe this translates more to his strength than being flabby. His size and speed (Pryor ran a 4.38 40) would make him a prime endzone threat. Last season, The Browns only recorded 12 passing touchdowns. Almost half the NFL average. So obviously they could use the receiving target. And yet Pryor was passed over.

The Browns have also notoriously struggled at quarterback. They have officially named Josh McCown as the starter behind off field bad boy, Johnny Manziel. McCown has yet to play a full season, and has only broken 200 pass attempts once in his 12 seasons. Pryor could have provided a little insurance to a battle weary team for a very cheap roster spot.

The Browns offensively seem to be struggling on all sides, and the addition of a running back makes sense. (In a weird twist, Pryor’s rushing average is higher than Turbins) But the fact that they deemed Turbins contribution to the team, stronger than Pryor’s leave some scratching their heads.

While it seem The Browns didn’t know what to do with Pryor, his football hopes are still alive. Two teams will work out Pryor in the coming week as a receiver. If a team could harness his strengths they could end up with a steal. The Browns may have made a huge mistake in cutting Pryor. I guess we’ll just have to see.