Rob Gronkowski has missed a full weeks worth of camp: The Fantasy Implications

New England tight end and fantasy football stud, Rob Gronkowski, has been quietly absent from The Patriots mandatory minicamp.

While according to both Gronkowski and Head Coach Bill Belichick he has been busy doing “other things“, ESPN’s Mike Reiss is reporting that the star is “working back from [an] undisclosed ailment that isn’t viewed as a long range concern”.

Gronk has had a rocky injury history, including a broken arm in 2012 that had him on the sideline for six games, a torn ACL in week seven 2013 that ended his season, and four surgeries on his forearm in 2013. Gronkowski also had a lot of people worried in 2015 when he suffered a hard hit to his previously ACL repaired knee. Though the hit looked nasty, Gronk was only out one game.

While his current injury is very likely and as report a minor one, it is worth noting for fantasy players. Bill Belichick is doing all he can to keep his stud player fresh, but being Tom Brady and The Patriots go-to-guy does take a toll on the body. It makes sense that Belichick would continue to keep a close eye and a tight leash on Gronk through the 2016 season as well. The Patriots already took a step in this direction by drafting former Chicago Bear TE Martellus Bennett, and Bennett isn’t just a pretty face. He was a consistent performer for The Bears and beat out even Gronk for receptions in 2014. It’s hard to imagine him not eating in to some of Gronkowski’s fantasy points.

Gronkowski is one of the best offensive weapons on the field and barring injury it’s hard to imagine him not cracking the top five most productive fantasy tight ends in 2016. However, I’m tempering my usually high expectations for Gronk this upcoming season. According to his current ADP is in the first round, and that’s just too steep a price to pay for me.



The latest in the Tebow Saga.

I’m a huge Tim Tebow fan. I’m not going to apologize. I like him as a person, he’s cute as a button, and he’s an exciting player to watch. #sorrynotsorry

With that preamble we are now counting down to the roster cut deadline and there are a lot of rumblings about Tim Tebow’s status with The Eagles. I’m going to lead you through a quick recap.

The Stats

Tebow definitely made the most of his final NFL showing. His final stats included going 11 for 17 in passing for a total of 189 yards, 32 rushing yards, 2 touchdowns, and 1 interception. The single interception was thrown on fourth down. When asked if he regretted the interception, Tebow replied that he didn’t. Instead he chalked it up to a tough fourth and long situation. His performance far surpassed that of fellow Eagles quarterback Matt Barkley. Barkley’s final stats were, 4 for 9 in passing attempts for a total of 45 yards, and 1 interception. But one game can’t make or break Tebow’s chances. Let’s take a look at the preseason total stats for The Eagle quarterbacks.

Quarterback Attempts Completions Yards Yards per Attempt TD INT Rating
Sam Bradford 15 13 156 10.4 3 0 149.6
Mark Sanchez 46 29 320 7 3 0 105.3
Matt Barkley 52 27 351 6.8 0 2 57.5
Tim Tebow 36 21 286 7.9 2 1 90.7

As you can see, Tebow outperformed Barkely in completion percentage, YPA, touchdowns, interceptions, and rating.

The Rumors

The latest is that Barkley has been traded to the Arizona Cardinals.

This is good news for Tebow fans and all signs point to this deal being legit. If Barkley is traded to The Cardinals it’s a pretty good indication that Tebow will remain after the final roster cuts.

There has also been news that that The Eagles are interested in acquiring Robert Griffin III from the Washington Redskins, as well as rumors that Tebow is supposedly on his way of of Philly. So we’ll see what the future holds. However, the future is looking bright for those of us rooting for Tebow.

*stats from

Tim Tebow’s Roster Chances

Regular season football is upon us, only a week away. But that means that roster cuts are coming. Teams are required to whittle away their rosters to the standard 53 players. Players that have yet to finalize their spot on their respective rosters are said to be “on the bubble”. One player on the bubble that’s near and dear to those of us at Football Femme, is Tim Tebow. Tebow has seen many highs and lows so far this preseason. So what does he need to show us in this last game of the season, to ensure his future with the Philadelphia Eagles?

1.Show off some leg.

One thing Tebow has over fellow contender Matt Barkley is his legs. Tebow has the speed and strength that few quarterbacks possess. It’s part of what makes Tebow, Tebow. He’ll have to blow past a few Jet defenders, and rack up some yardage in order to impress The Eagles coaching staff, as well as the naysayers in social media. If Tebow starts packing up the yardage, Barkley can start packing his bags. Especially if those yards turn into touchdowns.

2. Complete at least 50% of his passes.

So far in the quarterback battle neither QB has impressed with his completions. Tebow will have to throw for at least a 50% completion percentage in order to solidify his role with The Eagles. At the very least he needs to beat whatever percentage Barkley puts up on Thursday.

3. Make a two point conversion happen.

It’s going to come up. The Eagles are going to go for it. All preseason “Tebow and the two point” has been the talk of the town. Unfortunately, he’s failed twice so far in the attempt. But if Tebow manages to pull off the conversion, you’re going to see an Eagle fan eruption, as well as a big green check mark by Tebows name on the final roster. Tebow is lethal on the goal line, as he presents both a threat in the air, and on the ground.

So there you have it, if Tebow comes out swinging and accomplishes these three key things, there’s a really good shot he makes the final roster. We’ll see what happens!


As of half time: Tim Tebow is 6 for 10 in passing, with 105 yards, 1 touchdown, and 18 rushing yards.

Matt Barkley is 3 for 6, with 38 yards, 1 interception, 0 rushing yards

2015 Tight End Rankings

There isn’t nearly as much point disparity between tight ends as say running backs and wide receivers. This directly influences their value. If you have a shot at a stud running back for example, you’ll want to pull the trigger on that player as opposed to the best tight end available. The only exception this season is Rob Gronkowski. Gronk annihilated his competition last season, averaging 11.5 points a game. Even though he’ll likely be missing his starting quarterback (Tom Brady) for the start of the season, he’s still head and shoulders above the rest. For your draft you’ll want to end up with one to three tight ends. You’ll only draft three if you can use a tight end in your flex position on your roster. Players marked with $$$ are players that are likely to outperform their draft value.

1. Rob Gronkowski NE 14. Kyle Rudolph MIN $$$
2. Greg Olsen CAR 15. Larry Donnell NYG
3. Jimmy Graham SEA 16. Josh HIll NO
4. Martellus Bennett $$$ 17. Charles Clay BUF
5. Travis Kelce KC 18. Heath Miller PIT $$$
6. Dwayne Allen IND 19. Jordan Reed WAS
7. Julius Thomas JAC 20. Austin Seferian-Jenkins TB
8. Jason Witten DAL 21. Maxx Williams BAL $$$
9. Jordan Cameron MIA $$$ 22. Jace Amaro NYJ
10. Owen Daniels DEN $$$ 23. Eric Ebron DET
11. Zach Ertz PHI $$$ 24. Vernon Davis SF
12. Delanie Walker TEN 25. Tyler Eifert CIN
13. Antonio Gates SD

*These rankings are based on standard scoring.

More rankings to come! After all are published I will link all of my rankings to a downloadable document for easy printing and draft day use. Good luck!

Preseason Prep

The time has come boys and girls. It is officially Football Season! Today’s kickoff game between the Pittsburgh Steelers and Minnesota Vikings Marks the beginning of the 2015 season. But now is not the time to start cracking open beers, and putting on you sweat pants. It’s the perfect time to start your Preseason Prep!

  1. Join a League.

That’s right, you can’t play if you don’t join, and there are a variety of different options for you out there. One option is to create a league with friends. Some easy to use sites are ESPN, and Yahoo. They are very user friendly. However, for season long use I definitely prefer ESPN.

Don’t have friends no problem! There are plenty of ways to beat anonymous people into fantasy submission. Yahoo, and ESPN both offer leagues that you can join. Another great option is a new site They offer leagues you can join at any time at a variety of price points. Creating a league requires a little more finesse, but the open drafts are a lot of fun. It’s important to join a little earlier than your typical draft though because the drafts last A LONG time. Check out more about MFL’s here:

Don’t want to keep up with a league all season? No problem! Daily Leagues have been gaining a lot of traction. Check out or to get your daily fix. Another option is Instead of beating your fellow humans, you get to sock it to some computers. Each computer drafter is equipped with its own programming that makes it unique. You have to pay to play, but once you’re in, you can earn skyllpoints that you can use to enter paid leagues.

2. Start your research

If you haven’t already started your research, then now is the time. Seriously the amount of info out there is mountainous. Get on twitter, use the Google, sign up at, the options are endless. It’s not a bad idea to go ahead and print off some cheat sheets and start tinkering to create your own rankings. There is still a full month until the real games begin, so projections are extremely fluid. Keep up with injuries, and preseason performances. Oh yea, and one more thing: MOCK DRAFTS, MOCK DRAFTS, MOCK DRAFTS.

3. Actually watch the Preseason games.

A lot of people ignore preseason games. It’s true that the big names aren’t on the field, and a lot of games don’t have the flash and panache that you see in regular season games, but they still have value. This is where you can find some quality sleepers. Plus why not get a taste of that football greatness as soon as you can?? Some sleepers I have my eye on are:

  1. Eddie Royal
  2. Brian Quick
  3. Dewayne Allen
  4. Cameron Artis-Payne
  5. Roy Helu

So get out there people! Join a league, do your research, and rejoice because fantasy football season is finally upon us!